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    Apollon Kereatis - DAYH00029

    Gold ring
    Our ring depicting the famous "Apollon Kereatis". A reproduction of a copper statue of a young god from the famous site of Engomi (Famagusta District). He is dressed with a short waist dress and a coned shaped cap on which two horns are attached. He has a very athletic body and youthful appearance with perfect features. He has been identified as "Apollon Kereatis" (horned Apollo) or otherwise, Apollon Alasiotes. The statue was found at a sanctuary, and dates back to 1200 B.C. 

    5.5 grams

    Price: €1,045.00

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    Double Ring Hammered with Diamonds - DAXB61

    The traditional Mycenean geometric shape which was used widely in the ancient times. Here enhanced with the hammered technique and a row of diamonds on a white gold center.

    9.4 grams

    7x.02 CT

    Price: €1,859.00

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    Eight Shaped Shield - DAYH00064

    Gold ring
    Beads in the shape of an eight. Inspired from a golden artefact of the 13th century B.C.

    5.8 grams

    Price: €1,102.00

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    Etruscan Bead - DAYH00006

    Gold ring
    Ring inspired by ancient stone beaded necklaces from the Neolithic period.

    7.2 grams

    Price: €1,296.00

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    Goddesses - DAYH00005

    Gold ring
    The scene of the two goddesses holding hands, is one of the famous depictions of the Mycenean era. 

    11.3 grams

    Price: €2,147.00

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    Oval Date - DAYH00004

    Gold ring
    The motif of dates was taken from a golden artefact of the Cypriot Bronze Age II.

    8.9 grams

    Price: €1,602.00

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    Temple Ring - DAYH00034

    Gold ring
    Rings of architectual style were common in the archaic world. Our collection of "temple rings" exploits such styles. 

    6.7 grams

    Price: €1,206.00

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    The Walls - DAYH00030

    Gold ring
    Derived from the architecture of the bastions in the Venitian Walls of Nicosia. 1500 A.D.

    6.5 grams

    Price: €1,235.00

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    Winged Sphynx Oval - DAYH00026

    Gold ring
    Inspired from a golden diadem of the Mycenean era.

    7.9 grams

    Price: €1,501.00

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    Byzantine Pearl Treasure - DAYH00015

    Gold ring
    Artefact inspired from the Byzantine treasures with amethyst cabochon or pearl.

    6.9 grams

    Price: €1,277.00

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