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    Achaian Beads - PEYH00043

    Inspired from beads of the Neolithic period. Such beads were carved in stone and were threaded to form jewellery. The Achaians were believed to be of the primary civilizations of Cyprus.

    102.4 grams

    Price: €19,456.00

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    Filigree Princess - PEYF00086

    Gold necklace
    The famous filigree technique which is believed to have its origins in the East, and has influenced greatly the Mediterranean cultures in the more recent history.  

    93 grams

    Price: €17,670.00

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    Luisignan head - PEYF00098

    Gold necklace
    For the more recent history of Cyprus, the Luisignans were nobles, who had introduced Cyprus to the feudal system. Circa 1200 B.C.

    53.6 grams

    Price: €10,184.00

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    Alexander The Great & Chocker size 5 - MEYF00087-PEYH00051

    Gold chocker & pendant
    From the very well known coins of the Ptolemai. This one known as the coin of Syracuse, which depicted Arethusa with hair restrained at back of head, and dolphins swimming around her. Circa 400 B.C.

    100.7 grams

    Price: €19,133.00

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    Dentalium Shells - ZOYH00003

    Gold necklace
    Reproduction from the findings of Chironitia. Cornilia are shells of elongated style that were threaded with cornelium beads to form some of the primary jewels ever found in Cyprus. They range back to the Neolithic period and we have reproduced them in gold.

    125.6 grams

    Price: €23,864.00

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    Dionysos Grapes - PEYF00001

    Gold necklace
    An inspiration and attribute to the Greek god of wine Dionysos.This necklace with its hand carved vine leafs and grape branches, resembles the ancient Cypriots love to wine and its god. Taken from the Paphos mosaics. Circa 400 B.C.

    87.1 grams

    Price: €16,549.00

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    Mouflons - PEYF00055

    Gold chocker
    Exact reproduction of an ancient carving depicting the famous and unique Mouflon of Cyprus.

    106.3 grams

    Price: €20,197.00

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    Twisted Horns - PEYH00103

    Gold necklace
    One of the most common Mycenean motifs. Models of Bull's horns constituted the most important symbol of the Minoan religion. Here executed in gold, showing one of the most difficult techniques from our craftsmen, that of giving metal a spiral effect.

    127.1 grams

    Price: €24,149.00

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    Hammered Chocker size 1 - PEYH00038

    Gold chocker
    Our "simple" chocker hammered to shape through hundreds of hand beatings, to resemble the ancient ways of forming. 

    12.6 grams

    Price: €2,268.00

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    Lapis Blue - PEYH00052

    Gold chocker
    Our bigger "simple" chocker hammered to shape through hundreds of hand beatings, to resemble the ancient ways of forming, and decorated with two 8-9mm lapis lazuli beads. 

    42.9 grams

    Price: €8,151.00

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