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    Double Hook White & Yellow - KFXH00017

    Gold brooch
    White and yellow gold brooch
    A continuation of our ethnic hook earrings into a brooch, in white and yellow gold. 

    13.2 grams

    Price: €2,442.00

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    Idalion Lotus Flower - KFYH51

    Gold brooch
    From the birthplace of Adonis, Idalion was famous for its lotus flowers, which were found on some of the kingdom's coins. Circa 450 B.C.

    8 grams

    Price: €1,520.00

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    Mycenean Labyrinth - KFYH13

    Gold brooch
    Reproduction from shapes of ancient Greek findings. The "never ending line" which was a fascination of the wise old Greek culture, through the mythology of Hercules and the Minautor in the labyrinth. 

    9.9 grams

    Price: €1,881.00

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