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Nikos Ioannou started his carrier as a young apprentice in one of the goldsmithing workshops in the old district of Larnaca in 1945

“Praise must nevertheless be earned; it is never bestowed lightly.”

Mr. Nikos Ioannou is a jeweler and silversmith with 65 years’ experience.

The story of the company begins on 18th December 1961, when Mr. Nikos, then a skilled Jewellery craftsman who spent 17 years working around the island, decided to go ahead with his ambition and open his own Jewellery business. The first shop was situated in the center of Nicosia. There, working in a small loft, he produced Jewellery on his own, for a small number of clients. Only two years later, to meet rising demand, he employed ten craftsmen in an underground workshop, and 4 girls working on filigree technique in a workshop in his home village, Dali.

Great attention to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction, yielded a fast growing business with good reserves. This made it possible for the opening of a second larger shop in Nicosia in 1969, followed by a big fully equipped workshop in 1971 employing 20 experienced craftsmen.

Six years later in 1975 he opened a very prestigious shop in the newer, market area of the capital, where he also displayed some Cypriot antiques.

In 1977 he gathered some of the ‘strong’ jewelers in Cyprus to form the PANCYPRIAN GOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS ASSOCIATION (PA.G.S) PA.G.S., was formed to fight the local monopoly of the gold market. Members up to this day benefit from cheaper gold and equipment, a benefit which reflects to the customer.

In 1980 he moved to his next target market, Limassol. A growing number of regular customers from abroad visit the shop yearly, and so do Cypriot clients coming from the south-west location of Cyprus.

A year later in 1981 he opened the first  Jewellery shop in the Cyprus ‘Hilton’ Hotel which has made him known to the rest of the world, through hundreds of satisfied customers, mostly politicians and VIP’S.

His personal interest and love for the Cypriot art culture led to a large collection of old Cypriot Jewellery, artifacts and antiques in his private gallery.

In 1992, through his personal efforts Mr. Ioannou managed to collect from many honored donors, several pieces of Jewellery and equipment, used since the beginning of the 18th century in Cyprus for Jewellery making. Along with his own collection in 1992, he made one of his lifelong ambitions come true - the opening of the “Cyprus Jewellery Museum” situated in Nicosia of which he is the founder and president.

In 1995 his forces were joined by his eldest son Yiannos Ioannou who had graduated from The St Martins School of art in London. Yiannos’ efforts put the company in the leader board of the Cypriot Jewellery companies , with wins of jewellery international competitions , which rightfully granted the company the name “The Designers of Jewels”.

More recently Mr. Nicos was the main influence behind the idea of an Assay office in Cyprus where Jewellery and silverware would be stamped for authenticity, thus eliminating fraud.

A little later he restored one of the most precious buildings of Nicosia which hosted the ‘Samuel Elementary School’. There he made an exclusive ancient and historic Jewellery gallery where he displayed unique pieces for a selective clientele from time to time. For many years at the same gallery the "Annual show of Young Jewellery Students" used to take place and was being hosted by Mr. Ioannou.

Meanwhile he kept himself active in the benefit of jewelers after being elected the president of the "Pan Cyprian Association of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths" for many years and a major advisor for many more.

For the year 2000 he joined his forces by including in his collection  'Perle Utopia' south sea pearls, of which he is the sole agent for Cyprus.

Year 2000 has also been marked by the opening of a brand new workshop to cover the company's needs.

For 2001 a new bigger shop has been opened at the most exclusive area of Limassol.

In the following decade his passion for culture and art always reflected his work , and let to the expanding of a  collection that he named ARCHAIC. This collection evolved into a big hit amongst politician, scholars,  historians and art lovers who wanted to look into Jewellery as something more than just nice shapes and expensive material. Each piece of the collection was formed through research and historic Cypriot findings. With the help of important people in the Cyprus Archaeological department, each piece has been given  a unique historical reference.  

His intense efforts in restoring culture  granted him not only the extended presidency of the ” Cyprus Jewelers Museum “, but also the exclusive management of it for 25 years , in 2007.

In the year 2008 with his own expenses he set up the Cyprus Jewelers Museum in a renovated old house in the traditional village of Lefkara

Buti Italian Luxury watches were amongst the latest additions to the fleet , which the company distributes in Greece and Cyprus.
The company's target for the future will be to market its exclusive Jewellery abroad.

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